FEM Mesh Generation
The automated FEM Mesh Generator makes meshing easy. One single mesh is used for all process types - no 3rd party meshing software or translators.

Finite Element Method (FEM)

Finite element modeling has an inherent advantage over finite difference modeling (FDM) – the accurate representation of complex geometry. This accuracy is achieved with smaller mesh models which leads to more accurate simulations in less time.

The Difference Is Clear

The accurate representation of geometry in our FEM meshes has a direct impact on the accuracy of the flow pattern. See for yourself.

FDM Mesh

FEM Mesh

One Mesh For Everything

Our FEM mesh is multipurpose. You only need to mesh once for all your simulation needs. Perform Stress, Flow and Thermal analysis with the same model; eliminate your reliance on translation tools.


Quickly mesh multiple components at once from CAD data. Spend less time meshing and more time solving problems.

Advanced Mesh Coarsening

Coarsen the mesh without sacrificing accuracy by ensuring fine layers remain close to the casting and other temperature affecting components. Advanced mesh coarsening results in up to a 75% decrease in model size thereby reducing calculation times fourfold.

Regular mesh

Mesh with advanced coarsening


An exact representation of the model geometry is a pre-requisite for accurate simulation. Model precise geometries such as flash, venting, and even jet cool pins with inset cooling lines. Utilize powerful mesh alternation tools for custom mesh creation.

Mesh Alterations

EKKcapcast provides tools for altering an existing mesh. Mesh once and easily make changes to reduce turnaround between design changes

• Quickly make changes to an existing mesh
• No need for a complete re-mesh
• Add / remove cooling lines
• Fix issues stemming from poor CAD data