CAPlite: Natural Solidification Package
Capture the power of natural solidification thermal analyses within an affordable and capable software package.

Ease-of-use Meets Capability

CAPlite features a step-by-step graphical interface, making it ideal even for those not experienced in casting software. Starting with a CAD design, CAPlite guides you through every step, from meshing to post processing.

For All Castings

Natural Solidifications are an effective thermal simulation that gives results within minutes. From die casting to sand casting, CAPlite can identify problems for all casting types.

Natural Solidification

The simplicity of Natural Solidifications enables them to augment your entire casting operation at every stage: design risers, gating, and chill configurations, identify defects, or simply help visualize the otherwise abstract process of solidification.

A Package With Just What You Need

CAPlite comes with the power of natural solidifications plus more to give you the tools you need to improve your castings at a fraction of the cost. While EKKcapcast provides a full simulation suite, CAPlite's natural solidification greatly improves your castings with a modest set of functionality:

  • Mesh Generator
  • Feature CAPlite EKKcapcast
    Auto Mesh Generation
    Chills / Cores
    Multi-Component Meshing
    Additional Mold Materials
    Mesh Exporting
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Feature CAPlite EKKcapcast
    Natural Solidification
    Hot Spot / Shrinkage Prediction
    Material Database w/ Customization
    Thermal Cycles
    Cooling Lines
    Advanced Simulation Parameters
  • Post Processor
  • Feature CAPlite EKKcapcast
    3D Mouse Support
    Snapshot/Animation Generation
    X-Ray View
    Model Scene/View
    Lighting & Shading Options