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Support for Linux and Windows 8


EKK Inc., a metal casting process simulation software and consulting services company, provides software that offers the most accurate solutions to a wide variety of metal casting concerns. EKK’s Finite Element Method (FEM) based EKKcapcast software includes Solidification, Thermal , Fluid flow, Stress and Porosity analysis tools which can accurately identify your casting defects and help you optimize your casting process.

EKKcapcast includes essentially everything you need to improve your casting processes. Over the years our excellence in software development and technical support have gained the trust of the casting industry.

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  • Accurate
    • EKK's Finite Element Method (FEM) based software accurately models your entire casting process using minimal computational requirements.
  • Efficient
    • Complex multiple cavity models can be run on modest desktop computers running Linux or Microsoft Windows.
  • Fast
    • Quick simulation turn around time provides more time for trying out engineering design changes.


The engineers at EKK have over 15 years of experience applying EKKcapcast metal casting simulation software to a wide variety of casting concerns. The consulting side of the business is housed under the same roof as the software development side, so each team can work together to most efficiently solve your casting problems. This environment provides for collaboration that enables our developers to focus their efforts on making the software as robust as possible.

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